HighEnd Interior Design for residential buidings, aircrafts, yachts, Industrial Design and CI-Concept.

Our unconventional design uses all modern forms of expression in order to create
a total architectural concept which appeals to the industry, high-end private sector,
and the trade.

We see ourselves as architects and designers for a broad spectrum. We closely
work with our own designers and multimedia specialists. PR Architects does not
limit themselves just to the architecture itself--they focus on the total concept.

We operate internationally and have strategic partners in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, US, Germany, Spain, Great Britan, Switzerland, Dubai, Cayman Islands, and Italy.

The team consists of 10 employees who are experts in their various fields: Design,
Architecture, and Graphics. Each project is handled in a responsible and conscientious manner. We aim not only to please the client, but to delight them.